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ID 30980
100 € / sq. ft.

Cement Factory for Sale

Lincoln Street, ,
3 Rooms5 Baths ID 111 29,000 ft2
120 € / month
hot offer

One Bedroom Apartment

City Center, no 8, ,
1 Room1 Bath ID 21145 200 ft2
from 135 € /month
new offer

Header Virtual Tour

Greenville, Jersey City, NJ, United States, ,
2 Rooms2 Baths ID 22962 50 ft2
Deal 150 € /month
hot offer

Property with Multiple Agents

Center City No 8, ,
1 Room2 Baths ID 21167 120 ft2
300 € / month

Two Bedroom Apartment

City Center no 8 floor 2, ,
1 Room1 Bath ID 21151 190 ft2

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